So, next weekend the LGBTQIA student group is having a program. There are two of us in the program representing Ace folks. I already know that we’re gonna get mad questions - most of which will probably go along the lines of, “What is asexuality?” and “What does that mean? How does that work?” stuff.

So does anyone have any good analogies or explanations for people who have very little knowledge of not only asexuality but non-heterosexuality or queer theory or ANYTHING? Cuz that is the group we are working with here. 

  • Canadians making out: Smouch

Okay, every time I see photos of people who are barefoot, outside, without context (like they’re not by water, they’re not holding their extremely high heels in their hands because they simply couldn’t take it anymore, they’re not just outside their house etc.) it is white people.

Is this…is this a thing? Being out in public without your shoes on? Someone explain? Is there a Stuff White People Like blog entry about this?

  • My Teacher: It's interesting that all of the letters in the word 'listen' are also in the word 'silent'
  • Me: It's interesting that all of the letters in the word 'subtext' are also in the word--
  • My Friend: No.




if you think your resume is bad at least its not this bad

call the hospital i think im going into cardiac arrest

theres two hands holding at the end. i thought that was a nice touch 

for a graphic designer they sure chose an awful font